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Time Assistant
قدیمی 05/12/2017
آواتار electricaleagle
electricaleagle electricaleagle آفلاین است
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Time Assistant

Time assistant provides for every one a wide range of facilities.

*This has 3 types of clock, LED clock, Analog Clock

*Another facility of this app is night mode that you can see better in darkness

*Kids mode is amusing for kids that it has a wide range of music for sleeping and interesting music for kids the most section in this app is the slight shower children

*you can make a note

*This app tell you welcome to time for example good morning ,......

*In this alphas provided a mode for showing consumed energy

*It also has timer mode led timer and sport timer

*you can change background photos

*you can change situation of objects on the screen

*it has energy saving mode

*one of the significant facilities in this app is security alarm for cell phone which is very important for everyone.

(فقط كاربران عضو مجاز به دیدن لینک ها هستند)
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Time Assistant بازیهای كامپیوتری electricaleagle 0 448 05/12/2017 10:58


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